• ST. Thomas' School
  • Affiliated To CBSE New Delhi
  • A Christian Minority Co-Educational English Medium School
  • Celebrated 32 Years Of Service In
  • Serving The Society Through Education 1988-2020

Principal’s message

St Thomas’s School was planted like a sapling in 1988, which has grown into a big tree, located in nature’s lap in a peaceful, calm and conducive atmosphere for learning, where individuality is closely knit, nurtured, trained and prepared to build an integral and responsible society. Looking back with a nostalgic feeling of being in the work force for 18 years, it is not easy to forget the twist and turns, and the ups and downs that has taken in my career since I assumed the office of the principal of this school. I have enrolled in the position of a teacher as my first job and there, the foundation for this profession was laid with the support of my pioneers. I learnt several things, discharged my duties in multiple roles, faced many adversities, challenges, tasted many bitter and sweet experiences in all the facets of day to day running of the school. I realized that difficulties in everyone’s life don’t come to destroy us, but to help us to realize our hidden potential on how to over-come it and make life meaningful. At this point of time the school is on its verge of celebrating its Silver Jubilee Closing Ceremony. I am very proud to be an integral part of this MILESTONE and am conscious of myself to discharge my responsibilities positively in a passionate way.

The school has done its best in bringing out the talents of each students in their character formation and personality development. The amazing success of our school and realization of its goal is made possible due to the constant support and co-operation of the esteemed parents, benefactors and well-wishers. I express my gratitude and appreciation to them for their selfless interest and support for the welfare of this institution. This souvenir intends to give a picture to the genesis of the school and also give some information to make it known to our readers. I am very grateful to all those who have contributed in the shape of messages and articles which make us jubilant and fortunate on this Silver Jubilee year. I salute everyone who did the co-ordination work of this souvenir as a memorable one for everyone’s information and edification. May our school keep SERVING THE SOCIETY with the motto “Love One Another” as said by Lord Jesus Christ for many years as it journeys towards the Golden Year. May God bless each one of us to make this school a centre of excellence providing holistic education accordingly with the modern trends.

We ensure that our students are endowed with the most effective skills to face the challenges of life beyond school and that they contribute to society while working for their individual success.

There is a certain sense of satisfaction and pride in acknowledging that ST. Thomas' School Public School, Chandauli has taken rapid strides to establish itself as the leading CBSE school in Chandauli. This exciting journey has been marked by a period of visionary planning, sustained hard work, exposition of talent and clear focus on our vision and mission. The collaborative efforts of our stakeholders continue to strengthen us and help our students become lifelong learners and leaders of tomorrow, equipped with the skills to learn and to adapt in an ever-changing world.